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I truly value supporting our local businesses, especially those like Directech that provide exceptional, swift, and informed tech support. In a field as daunting as technology, having a local resource where the customer service is not only attentive but deeply knowledgeable is a huge relief. Steve, the owner of Directech, brings extensive expertise from every corner of the tech world. Even on the rare occasion when Directech can't provide the specific service you need, you can count on them to guide you towards someone who will get the job done right. Their commitment to ensuring every client feels confident and secure is invaluable, particularly for those of us whose work and daily lives are entwined with technology. Give Directech a call—you won't be disappointed!

R. Roberts

"When we were having problems with our WiFi not working in parts of our house and no wifi in the back yard we called Directech and we are so glad we did. He came right  out to our house and checked our entire setup, asked how we used our wifi, how many users and devices we have and told us why our wifi network wasn't working as we needed! He then put together a plan that made sense and gave us a detailed quote for a system that would work now and into the future and boy was he right!  Not only do all our devices work but they are the fastest they've ever been, no more streaming issues, we have coverage everywhere and guess what, the entire backyard and pool have great signal as well.. Not only that but Steve also showed us some great new things we can do with our smart TV's and cleaned up all our computers! If you couldn't already tell I would highly recomend Directech! Thanks again Steve!"    Joan & Warren

"Steve & Directech are the best!  No matter what, he always answers my call no matter how silly my question might be he always helps me correct my tech issues! Thanks for all you do!"  E.Childs

"When the power went out a few weeks ago our business was dead in the water, when it finally came back on two days later our entire network was not working, we we're in a panic!  Not only did we lose the days that the power was out but now we still couldn't work, I was in a panic! I started calling around trying to find someone that could come right away and get us back up and running, and when I called Steve at Directech he was the only one that answered the phone. I told him about what happened and that I needed someone to come to my office ASAP and Steve said he would be there in about an hour and boy he was there in less than that! Once there he was able to our systems back online one by one and before you know it we were all working again!  And not only did Steve get us back making $$ he also identified some issues we needed to address to avoid somthing like this from ever happening again! So needless to say Directechs card is taped to my monitor and Steves cell is in my phone!  I won't be using any other tech support it's Steve and Directech for us from now on! You're the best! Thank you again..."   ECM, RNM RV

"We've been using Directech for years! When we recently relocated to our new office Steve was one of my first calls as I knew he could make sure that our move went smoothly. He put together a check list of of things to do before we moved, recommended and arranged what ISP and pone plan we should get, spec'd out our new computer workstations, phone system, security cameras, and our WiFi and wired networks plus he also manages our website and emails!  Steve did it all for us he setup everything including our new emails on our phone to sync with all our devices!  Now that's one stop tech support if I've ever seen it! I recomend calling Directech and talking to Steve as he loves what he does and will always steer you in the right direction!  Thanks my friend for all you did for us!  Peace!"  TRW

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