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computer repair, tech support, and technology specialists!

For over 3 decades we've provided remote and on-site personal tech support services to our clients. Our customers know we are always available and just a call away! We always answer and our customers know that, so when they have a question or concern we will help them no matter what the technical question is! Not only we will answer your question but as our customer we will help you remotely (if your system is online), diagnose the problem, and either correct it as we speak or setup a call for onsite service if needed, and what more could you want from your tech support but to get you back to work right then and now!


We are your #1 choice for your tech support needs, we are your LOCAL neighborhood I.T. specialists helping home owners, small businesses, SOHO's, and the technology challenged in getting all their computers and tech working smoothly, we do this every day!!


 So Call us at 914.844.1092 to speak to a LIVE tech NOW!


Remote Support Services Starting at JUST $29.99 CALL TODAY NO OBIGATION!

We Are Experienced Technicians!

With over 3 decades experience and professional relationships we provide a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of the IT world. Our team will find the solutions needed to make your technology infrastructure work smoothly and efficiently allowing you to concentrate on building your business not wasting time trying to get things done with poorly operating technology!


Whether at home trying to keep the family household technology working and everyone happy, a small business, or SOHO WE find the BEST solutions within your budget to keep ALL your technologies running smoothly so give us a call and we will be glad to help you!


Thank you for your interest in our service offerings!

My name is Steve DiLoreto, PCMD and I own and operate Directech Computer Services & Tech Support, we believe that doing business in our local community is best for our ecomnomy and for everyone’s business, so join us in helping to keep our local economy to move in the right direction. Fast, Effective, Personal, Tech support as local as you can get!


Serving the Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, NY Metro & Fairfield Ct. Area and beyond!


If you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact me directly at 914.844.1092. or INFO@PCMD.NET  Thank you!

Personal One on One Technical Help!

In today’s world most computer related problems are associated with Viruses, Spyware, Malware and alike and without even knowing you may actually be causing the infections yourself just by browsing the internet even if you have antivirus and internet security with just one click you can let them into your computer! Why not make sure that you are fully protected and educated as to what to look for?


We offer complete solutions for all your technology needs, whether you need onsite service or need  a remote service so you can feel secure knowing that your systems are up to date, secure and running properly we can help!


With our services and products, we will help you to make your computer into a powerful part of your everyday work and or pleasure without sacrificing safety. Whether hardware, software, virus & malware or any other IT service will help you have peace of mind.